This name groups two projects: Drumkit Manager 3 and the traslation of Buzzmanual to Spanish. To download the sources and binaries, go to this section

Drumkit Manager 3

This program is made for all who have problems with the two Drumkit manager for the Psi Drum 2 Machine, a Buzz Generator. This program is open source and distributed under GPL licence.

This is a snapshot of the Interface:


- A Explorer-like Interface
- English and Spanish version.
- You can listen the wavs before import
- Import of multiple wavs
- Export of one sample, a complete class or the whole drumkit. If you wish, the drumkit can be export in different folders
- You can apply some effects to the samples, like distortion, normalize and reverse.

Read the History here.

Traslation of Buzzmanual to spanish

The Buzzmanual is a great resource of information to learn Buzz, from newbies to experts user.

The Vider (a very nice guy), give the responsability of manage the traslation the manual to spanish. This is a really huge work, so any help is welcome.

Read the bm_esp_leeme.txt for instruction and download the sources in english.

El Manual oficial de Buzz es una gran fuente de información para aprender Buzz y es útil tanto para los novatos como para los expertos.

Vider me dejó a cargo de la traducción del manual al español. Es un trabajo bastante grande, así que cualquier ayuda es muy bienvenida.

Primero, lee las instrucciones en el archivo, bm_esp_leeme.txt y descarga la versión en inglés del manual.

Source, Binaries, Mailing List and CVS

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Other Stuff

- Icons for BMX and BMW files : Nothing much impressive, but nice :-). 16x16, 32x32, 256 colors format.

Bmx Icon

Bmw Icon


- Buzz: The best tracker on music scene. Rocks!

- The source for the new machines in Buzz.

- Apsique : A site of psychology in Spanish (It's mine :-)

- Ogg Vorbis : An open source audio compression format. Much better than Mp3 and sounds like AAC!.


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